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When we thoughtfully run our eyes over a great painting, we carry with us something we didn’t have before. We take with us the artist’s way of looking at the world. Why is this valuable? Because it increases our potential to see the world and human experience in different ways.

Thank you for spending time on this site. I promise to regularly add stories about some wonderful paintings….

  • A home office fit for a genius

    A home office fit for a genius

    For centuries, people had their portrait painted to reinforce their role in society. It had little to do with our modern, lonely desire to feel seen for who we really are. Do we still believe a person can be described from a single viewpoint in one place? Will multimedia replace the official painted portrait?

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  • Alexandra Exter: One night in Kyiv

    Alexandra Exter: One night in Kyiv

    In her day, Ukrainian artist Alexandra Exter was one of the brightest stars in the European avant-garde. She was a personal friend of Picasso, Braque, and L├ęger. We know so much about them. Why do we know so little about her?

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  • Titian paints lust with eloquence

    Titian paints lust with eloquence

    The Roman goddess Venus is depicted nude in works of art because she represents the lofty ideals of spiritual love and divine beauty. Not Titian’s Venus. She represents something more carnal.

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