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Titian, detail of "Venus with a Mirror" (c.1555)
Detail of Titian’s Venus with a Mirror (c.1555)

When we take the time to explore a masterful work of art, we carry with us something we didn’t have before. We take with us the artist’s view of the world. Why is this valuable? Because it increases our ability to understand a wider array of human experience. Thank you for reading The Shy Museumgoer. I promise to regularly add new stories . . .

  • Decoding the mysterious art of Paul Klee

    Decoding the mysterious art of Paul Klee

    Unlike Picasso, Paul Klee doesn’t suffer from being taken way too seriously. But maybe it’s time his compositions carried more weight. Klee’s Bauhaus lectures contain over 1,200 pages of his own research into color, shape, and pattern that are among the most detailed in art history.

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